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08 August 2012 @ 09:19 pm

Comment if you want to be friends :)
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11 September 2009 @ 07:00 pm


I think I need to do a friends cut :/

I really don't want to, but I think I kind of need to, with my lesser time online thing that's going on. I'm not gonna be all tough about it AT ALL, but please comment here if you want to stay (or if you don't, of course).

ilu all anyways though :)
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I'm mid changing my journal to friends only - and I couldn't find any non-fandom FO banners I wanted to use. So instead of sleeping last night, I made some.

I definitely got a bit carried away.

These are my first attempts at anything like this, so most of them are pretty crappy. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

{01 - Alan McDonald}
{02 - Jay Dellomes}
{03 - Melissa Haslam}
{04 - Nate Frizzell}
{05 - Stock}


{01 - Alan McDonald}
{02-03 - Jay Dellomes}
{04-06 - Melissa Haslam - Red Wine}
{07 - Nate Frizzell}
{08 - Ben Bowles - The Gods Are Watching}
{09 - Eric Gustafson - Gestures and Melodies}
{10 - Eric Gustafson - 19th Hour}
{11-12 - Henry Lewis}
{13-17 - Stock}

If you want to take some, that's cool - just comment and credit - and if you take any of the non-stock banners you MUST especially credit the artists.


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